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Lyoness is a global loyalty rewards program dedicated to providing a rewarding and mutually beneficial relationship between their unparalleled community of international shoppers and merchants. A free Lyoness membership provides shoppers with exclusive benefits from online shopping, gift card purchases, the Lyoness cash back card and mobile cash back with over 29,000 merchants at more than 150,000 locations!

Our New Merchant: California Pizza Kitchen

Experience the taste of summer with a delicious meal from California Pizza Kitchen!

Born in Beverly Hills in 1985, California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) is a leader in authentic California style cuisine and is widely known for its innovative menu items.

CPK is a casual-dining restaurant featuring innovative pizzas that are creatively designed on a delicious crust and hearth-baked to perfection, such as The Original BBQ Chicken Pizza and the California Club Pizza. Also served are distinctive pastas, salads, soups, sandwiches, appetizers and desserts, including our Chicken-Tequila Fettuccine, The Original BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad, Tortilla Spring Rolls and Key Lime Pie. CPK incites international cravings in over 10 different countries.

750.000 Euros Were Given To The Winners Of Lyoness Shopping Treasure

Get free cash back and win!

The main prize of € 20,000 in cash this time went to Svatobořice in the Czech Republic. In March 2,584 winners
looked forward to their prizes totalling € 125,000.

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Free Cashback Shopping Treasure

Graz, 14th
May 2013. Congratulations to the previous 15,504 winners of the Lyoness “Shopping Treasure” campaign!
In the past six months a total of € 750,000 were raffled off to the winners. The main prize of the March raffle again
went to the Czech Republic, this time to Lucie M. from Svatobořice. The prize was handed over in the private setting
of the winner’s home by the two Managing Directors of Lyoness Czech Prague, Andrea Trojanova and Veronika
Kubecova. “We would primarily like to invest in our house. The facade needs to be finished and we would like to make
the area around our house look nicer and maybe create a garden”, the little family tells us about the intended use of
their win. The presentation of the prize will be broadcasted on Lyoness.TV  from 14 March.

Lyoness “Shopping Treasure” Campaign
The one-year Lyoness “Shopping Treasure” campaign has been running since October 2012. The main goal of the
game is to collect as many virtual keys as possible in order to increase the chances of winning one of more than
31,000 prizes. The keys can be collected in different ways: by shopping with Lyoness Loyalty Merchants, by gaining
friends as Cashback Card Users or by playing the new Lyoness social game “Coin Rush”. The first virtual key is
awarded right after registering for the competition. The total winning amount of the Shopping Treasure campaign adds
up to € 2,000,000 and will be paid out in 12 monthly raffles of € 125,000 each, and one annual raffle of € 500,000.
Participating in the competition is free of charge as is the Lyoness Membership itself. More information about the
“Shopping Treasure” campaign at www.lyoness.net/key.

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Lyoness in the best Australian Money Magazine

Free Cashback Australia

Free Cashback in Australia

iSentia, one of the best Australian money magazines wrote about Lyoness, our Free Cashback company. It mentioned Lyoness as a very popular Cashback Shopping opportunity in Europe, America and Asia. The writer recommends Lyoness, because it is fully free of charge for lifetime. some other companies in Australia have annual membership fees (approx. $10). That’s not so much, but in this case zero is better than 10 I guess. :)

Let’s check the article online. Free Cashback for Shopping

New Online Merchants in the US

Enjoy the benefits at new Online Partners and get Free Cashback for Shopping


We are glad to inform you about new Online Loyalty Merchants based in the United States:
Funjet Vacations

Receive 1% Cashback.
Plus 0.5 % Loyalty Benefit.

Guess By Marciano

Receive 1% Cashback.
Plus 0.5 % Loyalty Benefit.


Receive 2% Cashback.
Plus 2% Loyalty Benefit.


Receive 2% Cashback.
Plus 3 % Loyalty Benefit.


Receive 2% Cashback.
Plus 1 % Loyalty Benefit.


Receive 2% Cashback.
Plus 7 % Loyalty Benefit.

Carlos Santana

Receive 2% Cashback.
Plus 2% Loyalty Benefit.


Receive 1% Cashback.
Plus 1% Loyalty Benefit.

Footwear etc

Receive 1% Cashback.
Plus 1% Loyalty Benefit.

Rebecca Minkoff

Receive 1% Cashback.
Plus 0.5% Loyalty Benefit.

Guilt City

Receive 2% Cashback.
Plus 1% Loyalty Benefit.

Lucky Brand

Receive 1% Cashback.
Plus 0.5% Loyalty Benefit.

Fantasy Jewelry Box

Receive 2% Cashback.
Plus 3 % Loyalty Benefit.


Receive 2% Cashback
Plus 1% Loyalty Benefit.

Wilsons Leather

Receive 1% Cashback.
Plus 1% Loyalty Benefit.


Receive 1% Cashback.
Plus 0.5% Loyalty Benefit.


Receive 2% Cashback.
Plus 4% Loyalty Benefit.

Dr Jays

Receive 2% Cashback.
Plus 2% Loyalty Benefit.

Welk Resorts

Receive 2% Cashback.
Plus 2% Loyalty Benefit.

Enjoy the Free Cashback at the new partners!

The Oscars, First Time Experience for Lyoness America the free cashback company

March 20 , 2013
Hollywood, CA

Lyoness America participated as a sponsor of the 2013 Oscar Awards. After Party held in Beverly Hills, California on February 24, 2013. The first sponsorship of this kind for Lyoness, the organization was thrilled to partake in a celebratory event while also contributing to a great cause.“
When we were invited to become a sponsor of an Oscar’s After Party benefitting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital we were enthusiastic about participating,”
stated Mario D. Hoffmann, CEO of Lyoness America.
“Lyoness has its own not -for- profit Child and Family Foundation, so lending support for a worthwhile endeavor coincides with the company’s corporate principles of giving back and making a difference,” stated Lyoness Director of Marketing and Communications Myrna Y. Vaca.

In addition to the charitable benefits associated with sponsoring the Oscars After Party, Lyoness used the event as a reception for some of their key leaders in America. Not only was the event attended by Lyoness CEO Mario Hoffmann and other executives from the Lyoness Management Americas offices in Miami and the Lyoness America office in New York City, but Lyoness founder Hubert Freidl from the Lyoness International corporate offices in Graz, Austria also attended.
As part of the sponsorship, The Lyoness Cashback Card was included in the Oscars After Party Celebrity Gift Bags. The Cashback Card is recognized by more than 29,000 Loyalty Merchants in 43 countries worldwide.
Lyoness Membership is free, which is only one of the reasons Lyoness has become such a rapidly growing “shopping community,” now representing more than 2.7 million members.
“This is our tenth year of doing business internationally, but we are relatively new to North America,” says CEO Mario D. Hoffmann.

“That’s another reason why events such as the Oscars provide a great stage on which to present Lyoness.”

About the free cashback company

Get free cashback for shopping

Lyoness was founded in 2003 by Hubert Freidl. This company offers its members free cashback for shopping. Lyoness started out in four countries has since evolved into an international company. Lyoness has made a global network from which Members and Loyalty Merchants can benefit: Members recieve free cashback, while Loyalty Merchants gain loyal customers. It is a Win-Win situation.

Lyoness currently works in 32 European countries as well as in the U.S., Canada, Brazil, the UAE, Qatar, South Africa and in the Asia Pacific (Hong Kong, Macau, Australia, Philippines, Thailand). Now more than 2.7 million members enjoy the benefits of the free cashback.


The four ways to recieve free cash back

  • Cashback Card
  • Mobile Cashback (shopping with your smart phone)
  • Online Shops
  • Vouchers /Gift Cards

Currently more than 29,000 partners provide free cashback in 43 countries. There are also ~3,200 online shops with a selection of over 170 million items.



Free Cashback

Members will receive cash up to 2% of the purchase value on his/her Cash Account. From a certain amount, it will be paid to the member’s bank account, without any deductions.


Friendship Bonus

If you recommend Lyoness to others, you will recieve 0.5% of the recommended Member’s purchase. (It’s called direct friendship bonus). If this Member also recommends the free cashback to others you will receive 0.5% of the purchase of them. (It’s called indirect friendship bonus).


Other Benefits

There are few more ways to recieve free cashback as well as earn some extra money with Lyoness. There is a video about the opportunities, we can share it with you. All you need to do is fill out our contact form and ask for the video.

How it works

How it works

Shop – profit – and do something good … How does it work? Simple … with the biggest international shopping community! Enjoy the free cashback!


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Be part of it! Simply register for free and shop with Lyoness Loyalty Partners. You will receive free cashback and have a chance to win 250,000€ and one of over 31,000 prizes with a total prize value of 2,000,000€ !

Treasure Hunter game is now available only in European countries.

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